Short film business plan example

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How to Write a Film Business Plan

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Film Business Plan

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Film Business Plan

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This short business plan template is just perfect for short films and documentaries. If you are planning to accumulate a lump sum amount by motivating more investors, then this template will help you to present a perfect film production plan.

Y ou’ve got an awesome concept for a short film. Congratulations! Now you need a short film business plan.


Perhaps your idea just came to you out of the blue. But if you use this short film business plan, your short might actually get made. How to Write a 4-Part Film Business Plan That Gets You Funding For example: You might want your film available for purchase on Amazon Streaming (through Amazon Video.

Film planning templates Here are some free templates in PDF format which you can print out and use to help plan your film. Click on an image to view the full A4 version of the file, right-click to download it.

INDIE FILM BUSINESS PLANS. By John W. Cones. Technically speaking, the business plan is not a financing vehicle or entity but can be used in conjunction with several other investor-financing techniques to raise money for independent feature film projects.

Short film business plan example
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