Person centred thinking and planning

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Person Centred Planning

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We have included the person centred thinking tools that are used in a person centred review. You can complete them with a person to prepare for their review, or use them to record the review.

2 PERSON CENTRED PLANNING: KEY FEATURES AND APPROACHES Helen Sanderson This paper defines person centred planning; identifies five key features that will be. Person-centred planning (PCP) is a set of approaches designed to assist an individual to plan their life and supports.

Person centred thinking and planning is founded on the premise that genuine listening contains an implied promise to take action. Unless what is learned about how the person wishes to live, and where they wish to go in.

of thinking about an individual’s future in her sourcebook “Person-Centered Planning: Finding Directions for Change Using Personal Futures Planning”: HOW DO WE THINK ABOUT AND PLAN FOR THE.

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Person centred thinking and planning
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